Woman with Oestrogen dominance that are suffering from hair loss are known to be suffering “MALE” PATTERN BALDNESS (FMPB). Male pattern baldness in woman often affects Indian and Asian females as well as young girls who are coming into puberty. Hormones play the dominant role when talking about hair loss.

Oestrogen dominance is a large factor in FMPB (male pattern baldness in woman). Oestrogen dominance can start early in a woman’s menstrual cycle. Young woman who suffer from this are often given the birth control pill to help regulate the frequency and severity of their periods. Early signs of hair loss are often linked to hormonal imbalance.

Some women develop Oestrogen dominance much later in life. Known reason for suffering from Oestrogen dominance is low progesterone levels which is caused when woman no longer ovulate. After menopause, Progesterone decreases by 100% from its original baseline, while Oestrogen production only decreases by 40%. The drop in progesterone leads to the imbalance in the system and causes an increase in Oestrogen activity.

New research shows that most females suffering from symptoms of PMS and menopause discomfort are suffering from low progesterone levels.

Symptoms that are associated with Oestrogen dominance are:
– Infertility
– Breast tenderness
– Cold hands and feet
– Breast cancer
– Hair loss
– Irregular menstrual periods

– Bloating
– Weight gain
– Migraines
– Depression
– Decreased sex drive
– Fibroids
– Ovarian Cysts
– Early puberty
– Slow metabolism

There are even more symptoms linked to Oestrogen dominance.
This can be a prevailing factor in how you look, feel and act.