Hair Growth Vitamins

A study conducted confirmed that taking nutritional supplements with fenugreek plus micronutrients has a positive effect on hair loss, hair growth, and hair thickness.

Research done on the trial participants indicated that taking the product led to significantly greater hair thickness, strength, and elasticity. After taking the product for four months, 82.9% of the test persons also reported that their hair volume and hair thickness improved. 74.3 percent of them said that their hair’s resistance increased. Two out of three persons recommended it further and continued to take it.

Hair Force is a hair vitamin containing fenugreek and other essential vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. These ingredients combined are a powerful source of nutrients, which will create LONGER, THICKER, STRONGER HAIR. Unlike other supplements for hair, ARKON Hair Force will stop excessive shedding AS WELL AS thicken and strengthen your hair.

By restoring the root internally, Hair Force transforms the hair shaft, allowing the hair to thicken, strengthen, and grow faster from within.

If you are suffering from excessive shedding due to childbirth, stress, or a medical procedure is recommended that two capsules are taken.


Herbal capsules are not intended to CURE hair loss conditions; however, the ingredients in the ARCON supplement combined with a healthy diet will help stop and prevent excessive shedding, regrow healthy hair. Thicken and strengthen existing hair. In all instances of hair loss, weak hair, and poor regeneration, the problem is internal. ARCON has been proven in Europe for over 25 years to stop excessive shedding, strengthen, and regenerate new growth.

ARCON contains high levels of Fenugreek Seed Concentrate and micronutrients, which are believed to have a direct influence on the hair condition and hair growth. A regular intake of ARCON will improve your hairs vitality and manageability as well as help counteract excessive hair loss.

Excessive shedding, hair loss, and lack of growth can be due to underlying medical problems. If a result is not obtained within 3-6 months of taking ARCON supplements, consult your health care professional for further diagnosis.