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Hair loss and excessive shedding doesn’t only impact women. One out of two men suffers from shedding associated with scalp disorders, stress and male pattern balding (MPB). While Arkon Hair Growth doesn’t prevent male pattern balding, it REDUCES hair fall-out and stimulates hair growth in both men and women.

Used regularly, Arkon slows the build-up of Dihydra Testosterone (DHT) known to be linked to male and female pattern balding (FPB). The high levels of fenugreek and other essential nutrients in Arkon Hair Growth, as well as Arkon Shampoo and Conditioner, rejuvenates follicles, promotes new hair growth, and increases hair volume.

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Hair Loss and excessive shedding

shedding and hair loss doesn't only impact women

One out of two men suffer from shedding associated with male pattern balding, stress and scalp disorders.

increased DHT plays a major role in hair loss at any age

The buildup of Dihydra (DHT) Testosterone in the scalp has been linked to both male and female pattern balding.

arkon hair growth quickly slows the buildup of DHT

It reduces DHT, stops hair loss and rejuvenates follicles to stimulate hair growth in both men and women.

Naturally more hair

Arkon Hair Growth contains fenugreek and other nutrients essential for healthy hair growth. These ingredients create a synergistic effect unlike anything seen before in a supplement.

The result is longer, thicker, stronger hair. And unlike other hair supplements, Arkon Hair Growth also stops excessive shedding. It brings peace of mind and relief from out-of-control hair loss.

Day Fenugreek Hair Study
Increased Hair Volume
73 %
Increased Hair Strength
64 %

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