No More Sweat has 4 unique and effective products to help minimise and stop sweating in its tracks. Designed for sensitive skins in mind and safe to be used at any age of life. Try No More Sweat with our money back confidence.








Arcon Tisane was created and manufactured over 30 years ago from the the Indian herb Fenugreek. One of the oldest captivated plants on record, Fenugreek has been known to help with conditions such as Bronchitis, stomach disorders as well as Hair Loss. Arcon Tisane Stops hair loss in 4-6 weeks, nourishes and enriches hair like no other supplement. The unique formula in Arcon Tisane is thought to reduce the conversion of Testosterone to DHT, the main reason for hair loss in both men and woman alike.   In an independent study, Arcon Tisane was proven to stop hair loss and thicken exciting hair in 83% of the trial participants.  
















SNEEZ WEEZ panties are designed to be the natural choice of underwear for all woman of all ages. NOT to replace pads or tampons or to wear “occasionally, just in case”  but rather to give you full protection and confidence all day, every day, any time or any place. Whether it be a little leak or spotting before or after your period, we have all suffered from an “embarrassing” moment at some stage in our lives,  when wearing SNEEZ WEEZ underwear, you never have to worry.   

SNEEZ WEEZ are affordable, beautiful and functional every day underwear for every day women.



Our panties are designed in FULL BRIEF, HI-WAISTE BIKINI and SPORT designs. We have gone to great lengths to make the shape of our panties fit the shape of your body perfectly. And although our panties are ridiculously affordable, we have not cut any corners or spared a single thing when it comes to the quality of our fabric, our design or our manufacturing process. Our panties won’t cut into your legs or tummy, they will not creep up your buttocks and they will definitely not cause the dreaded muffin top. Our sizes are accurate and complimentary and unlike other underwear our panties have a “functional” purpose combined with a beautiful look.  SNEEZE WEEZ PANTIES hug your body while still feeling soft and non clingy. We guarantee  that you will love our underwear as much as we do, and just in case you don’t, you can send them back for a full purchase refund. SNEEZ WEEZ  are designed for all age groups at all stages of life. The invisible protection allows for all day confidence and hides the quick drying, super absorbent and leak proof layers, allowing you to wear our panties with no stigma attached.  SNEEZ WEEZ makes you look and feel beautiful  ALL day, EVERY day.










UNDEEZ underwear were created from necessity. After many years of selling NO MORE SWEAT antiperspirant to men who suffer from sweating in their underwear we started to look for underwear that we could sell and assist with them with this condition. During this time many men also expressed that they had the added issue of “spotting” after using the bathroom,

 After months of looking for a solution, the only underwear we find were “incontinence” underpants designed for old men. UNDEEZ were created in early 2018 to fill this gap.  Sleek, functional and contouring to the body, UNDEEZ are normal underwear with added benefits.  The Sweat Free Boxers, Spot Free Briefs and Functional Briefs are designed to solve any issues that men commonly have, whilst looking and feeling great. 

We guarantee  that you will love UNDEEZ as much as we do, and just in case you don’t, you can send them back for a full purchase refund. UNDEEZ underwear are designed for all age groups at all stages of life. 













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